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"Everybody in this book is hungry for love, and nobody is hungrier than Annie Zito, but this divorced mother never loses her head and only rarely considers murder. Annie's voice beguiles us with the details of doomed relationships with men who turn out to be eccentrics, neurotics, and commitment-phobics, as well as those who simply decide they want somebody else. "Weirdos and whackos," declares Annie's daughter Marly, who sometimes delights us with her forthrightness and at other times frightens us with her vulnerability as she deals with friends and lovers in her own life . . . These stories will surprise you with their intensity and intimacy, and Lenzo's language will mesmerize you."

--Bonnie Jo Campbell, bestselling author of Once Upon A River and National Book Award finalist of American Salvage


"Challenging honesty informs and distinguishes this intimate book along with Lenzo's dependably wise humor, her vivid and credible character portraits, and her charming way with anecdotes-in other words, with her consummate skill as a storyteller."

--Stuart Dybek, MacArthur Foundation Fellow and author of I Sailed With Magellan


"Lisa Lenzo writes (has always written) with a rare directness and candor, not so much about sex (although sex is definitely part of the deal, in Strange Love) as about the hunger for attachment, and the lengths to which a strong and independent woman might go to satisfy it . . . Lenzo's portraits of Annie and her men are polished, raw, infuriating, and sympathetic, all at the same time." 

--Jaimy Gordon, National Book Award-winning author of Lord of Misrule


"With the gravity and momentum of a novel, and the intensity and focus of the short story, Strange Love is pitch-perfect, a blend of comedy and pathos, folly and hope, simultaneously small-town and so big-hearted that I did not, upon turning the final page, want this book to end. A writer of unusual powers."

----Jack Driscoll, Society of Midland Authors Award Winner and author of The World of a Few Minutes Ago